Community Relations and Outreach

  • Development, implementation, analysis and feedback of programs and strategies to be utilized by your organization in your interface with stakeholders. ­
  • Delivery and management of public engagement campaigns.

Organization Development

  • Custom strategic planning programs, review processes and analysis for your specific organization. ­
  • Funding opportunities analysis, planning and application development.

Government Engagement

  • Research, planning, training and tactic development to educate and influence decision makers at all levels of government. ­
  • Message development programs and implementation strategies. ­
  • Political campaign engagement programs. ­
  • Public Policy analysis, review and response strategies and tactics.

Speaking Occasions

  • Presentations for any size of group both corporate and  community organizations. ­
  • Prospective Speech Themes: Leadership within You, It’s Your Community Get Engaged, All Politics Are Local, Ego and the Politician. ­
  • Customized presentation to meet your organization’s requirements.